Longwave Press

Title: Baby Boomers, Generation X and Social Cycles, Volume 2: International Long-waves
Author: Edward Cheung
Format: Book
Binding: Cloth
Release date: To Be Announced

For decades it was believed that the long-wave was a capitalist phenomenon related to economics and found only in capitalist countries. Now Baby Boomers, Generation X and Social Cycles Volume 2: International Long-waves promises to change our view of long-waves forever - again. Building on the work presented in Volume 1, Volume 2 expands the long-wave model even further, allowing us to evaluate the evidence of long-waves in other societies around the globe from antiquities to the present time. In addition, Volume 2 looks at the rise of science in ancient Greece, Rome and China and uses the findings to help us develop a perspective on the state of our sciences today.

Preliminary Contents

1. International Long-waves

2. Italy

3, Spain

4. Netherlands

5. France

6. Germany

7. England

8. Ottoman Empire

9. Russia

10. Japan

11. China

12. Maya

13. Ancient Greece

14. Ancient Rome

15. Persia

16. Babylon

17. Idealism and Scientific & Technological Development

18. Summary

Summary of Statistics

Notes & Bibliography