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Title: Baby Boomers, Generation X and Social Cycles, Volume 1: North American Long-waves
Author: Edward Cheung
CANADA ISBN: 978-1-896330-06-8
U.S. ISBN: 978-1-896330-00-6
Format: Book, 320 pages.
Binding: Cloth.
Release date: July 30, 2007
List Price: $38.00

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Lists of Graphs and Tables
Preface 1994/1995

1. The Long-waves of Social Change

2. Social Movements: United States
Prohibition, Women's Movement, Urban Reform Movements, Popular Music, Revivals of Religion, Politics

3. Social Movements: Canada
Prohibition, Women's Movement, Politics

4. Demographics and the Long-wave
Birth rate, Composition of Population, Immigration, Church Membership

5. Economics
Population and Workforce, Innovations, Consumption and Shifts in Aggregate Demand, Retail Outlets, Mansions, Wealth and Income Disparities, Inflation/ Stagflation/ Deflation, Supply-side/ Demand-side Economics, Farm Cooperatives, Acceleration Principle, Multiplier Effect, Regulation/ Deregulation, Savings and Investment Booms, Mergers and Acquisitions, Debt, Depressions, International Debt, Tariffs and Protectionism, Union Membership, Oil Crisis, Service Sector Growth, Where We Stand

6. More Waves of Social Change
Marriage and Divorce, Education, Linguistic Changes, Hollywood Movies, Censorship, Crime, Vacation Cruises, Health and Alternative Medicine, Diseases, Philanthropy, Retirement and Pensions, Funeral Services

7. Malthus and Long-waves

8. The Long-wave Life Cycle

Appendix A U.S. Population, Coale / Zelnik, Simon Kuznets

Appendix B U.S. Population, Money Supply, Patents and Other Statistics